You NEED to do laundry, but if what you really WANT to do is watch TV, surf the net or play video games, then we have your answer!  At our stores, we pamper you with all the comforts of home while you take care of your dirty work. Remember, we are not your typical Laundromat!

First of all, our stores are clean.  Really clean.  Second, we feature only state-of-the-art Wascomat machines, environmentally-conscious commercial grade washers and dryers.  Thirdly, our stores are equipped with state of the art machines. These machines not only accept coins but they accept credit cards and our loyalty cards.  And that’s just the beginning…

Where are our self-service laundries located?


  1. Bullet Soap Box - See Map

735 Villa Avenue

Fairfield. CT. 06824

(203) 335-2288

  1. Bullet Dirty Laundry - See Map

267 Main Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06850


What makes our Laundries better?

Our amenities:

  1. Clean, comfortable atmosphere

  2. Friendly, helpful attendants

  3. Environmentally-conscious equipment

  4. Extra-large capacity front load washers (from 20-80 pounds!)

  5. Hot, efficient dryers

  6. Free Wi-Fi access

  7. TVs, vending machines, video games

  8. 24 hour video surveillance

  9. Laundry product sales

  10. Air Conditioning

  11. Restrooms

  12. Open 7am - 11pm

  13. 7 Days a week 365 days a year!

And our services:

  1. Wash/dry/fold drop-off laundry service: Learn More

  2. Dry cleaning

  3. Commercial and residential laundry services

  4. Student Laundry Plans

Why are our high-efficiency, front load washers better for me?

They’re not good, they’re great!

  1. Great for your clothes. They get your clothes cleaner, yet cause less wear and tear on your fabric – saving you replacement costs.

  2. Great for your wallet. They extract more water from your clothes so that less drying time is needed – saving you money.

  3. Great for your schedule. A typical wash cycle takes only 25 minutes – saving you time.

  4. Great for the environment. They use up to 50% less water than top-load washers – saving a valuable natural resource.

Who should use our Self-Service Laundry?

Anyone who:

  1. Doesn’t have convenient access to a washer and dryer

  2. Needs extra-large machines for things like blankets, comforters, rugs, sleeping bags, etc.

  3. Just returned home from vacation with three kids and suitcases full of dirty clothes

  4. Wants to get all the laundry done as fast as possible

  5. Just can’t bear the thought of matching another pair of socks

Will you do my laundry for me?

You bet! our stores offers a convenient wash/dry/fold service with fast turnaround – Your laundry will be finished in the same day (most cases). Just bring us your dirty clothing, and we’ll sort, pre-treat, wash, dry and fold (or hang) your items, so all you have to do is put them away. We use only top-quality, name brand products and high-efficiency washers and dryers. Oh, and don’t worry. Your laundry will never be combined with another order. It’s so fast, easy and cost effective.

For more information about our store loyalty cards

We have partnered with Setomatic Systems (a leading supplier and innovator in the coin laundry industry), to bring you SPYDERWash to provide you with credit/debit card processing at EVERY machine.

What do you need to?

1. Purchase a LOYALTY card from one of the attendants...they came preloaded with $20/$30/$40 or $50 dollars on them.

2.Then when you get home logon to:

3. NOW, that you are registered, you can load up your card whenever you need to; or Ask one of our friendly attendants to take care of it for you.


Self Service Laundromats

(203) 956- 7272